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What is Blob

There is a BLOB in the water. A BLOB is a gigantic, air-filled rubber hose. The “Blobber” is sitting on one end of the BLOB. A “Jumper” jumps from a diving platform onto the other end of the “BLOB”. The result of that interaction is the “Blobber” being launched into the air for a few seconds and safely landing in the water. 

The History of BLOB Europe

We initially encountered Blob in 2009 when we traveled to the USA. As a tool for transporting oil, Blob was entirely unknown in Europe at that time.  The BLOB-Effect – the moment between the landing of the jumper and the launch of the Blobber – was unique and couldn’t be compared to anything else on the market. We immediately saw a huge potential in this. Starting 2010 we were able to gain a foothold in Europe. We hosted a series of events and TV-Shows. In 2011 we began shaping the sport of “Blobbing”. World-records and championships followed soon after.

After our launch, we used the following years to establish our own BLOB-production in Europe and we continuously developed the BLOB-concept. The invention of “Blob2Bag”, our own “Blobbing Battles” as well as the hosting of events such as the “Extreme Blobbing” at Area47 led us to the provisional climax of BLOB in the year 2015. 

Subsequent years (2016-2019) were shaped by improvements in our production and distribution channels. 

2021 will see the relaunch of Blobbing in Europe! Stay tuned for a more accessible watersports experience!

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