Secure BLOBBING® is a top priority for us and for that reason it is very important for us that none of our customers is deceived by illegal, unsafe and poor quality replicas. Moreover, it is crucial for us to create an awareness of how to correctly use a BLOB® which furthermore results in a safe sport.“

Michael Walcher, Founder of BLOB Event & Sales GmbH

BLOB® SAFETY – What everyone should read and know!

BLOBBING® is great fun, but there are some rules which should be followed. Unfortunately, cheap counterfeit products, sold under the name BLOB®, have increased over the last years.

Much to our regret, certain organisers and manufacturers disregard our safety guidelines and don’t meet our high standards.

Maximum safety, while still ensuring an unforgettable experience are our very first requirements.

You can identify an original BLOB® based on these security features. (Link to Fake vs. Original).

All BLOB products are safety proven and certificated by tuev_at_logo

Minimum requirements for safe BLOBBING:

1.Original BLOB® products

2.Life vest and helmet
For details, please contact our service team

3.Protection Mat between jumping platform and BLOB®
For details please read the enclosed description of your BLOB® purchase

4.Requirements for Location:
Minimum 2,5m water depth, 15x7m landing zone, jumping platform (by BLOB instruction and TÜV requirements)
further information upon request

5.Use only under supervision of schooled staff

6.Guidelines (extract):

  • mind the recommended maximum weight difference
  • note the max. height of the jumping platform
  • follow the age restrictions
  • use a safe jumping technique
  • proper seating of the blobber
  • the landing zone should always be empty
  • do not exceed the max. number of people on the jumping platform

For details please read the enclosed description of your BLOB® purchase

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