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BLOB® takes the protection of its trademarks very seriously. Our brands stand for something incomparable and therefore we hope that customers and consumers realise that they can always rely on the quality, if something is wearing our brand. Crucial in this respect is the issue of safety in the activity BLOBBING® . Due to our many years of experience, numerous tests, examinations and close collaboration with the inventors of the BLOB®’s ( Springfield Special Products ), it is also possible to ensure a high safety level in respect of our products and use. That’s why it is so important that the customer and user knows,when and where he used a genuine product. Only then it can be assured that the use and the procedure of BLOBBING® is safe. In Europe we have an extensive portfolio of registered and unregistered trademark rights. Whereas none of these brands – or slightly confusingly similar trademarks – may be used without the consent of BLOB® . Their use is a violation of our absolute rights and we can not accept any infringements of this matter due to legal and security reasons.

By buying counterfeit goods , you:

  • deceive yourself, because you will not get the expected quality which only we can provide.

Thereby you ultimately pay a higher price.

  • support criminals, who finance their activities through the sale of counterfeit goods
  • promote the production of goods under inhumane conditions and inadequate environmental standards
  • increase your own tax rate, because pirates do not pay taxes as legitimate businesses. In the end, the state picks up the lost taxes from you.

BLOB ® consistently and thoroughly protects his absolute rights and is therefore keen to be informed upon similar looking products, imitations and/ or fakes.

Is the price of a product too good/ low to be true, then it is most likely a counterfeit product. So if you see such a product or have any doubts, please contact us . Use the email address You can also use this email address to give us background information or to ask us questions about the authenticity of a product of the brand BLOB ® or related goods or services.

If you are interested in the orignal BLOB ® products, you can find them on:


The 25- year old track record of BLOB® in the U.S. is continued since 2008 by the European distributor , BLOB® Event & Sales GmbH in Europe !

In addition to the continuing development of the original BLOB® in recent years, we have invented BLOBBING® as a sport and successfully launched the championship format “BLOBBING BATTLE®“ in several countries.

This evolution of our product also greatly affects our product philosophy.
Since our BLOB® equipment, as well as our BLOBs® are now adapted to the field of sports, we can guarantee the highest level of safety. The improvement of security measures and their high importance is also reflected by our equipment and safety certificates (e.g.: TÜV). Safe BLOBBING® will always have top priority.


  • We are the original and distribute, alongside the original BLOBs®, the successors of this product in constant collaboration with the creators of BLOB® in the US
  • Our high standards in the production of the BLOBs® is reflected upon the unique design and longevity of the product
  • Know How as a result of nearly 30 years of experience in product development
  • Safety: Based on many years of experience and the daily confrontation with the BLOB®, we know best how BLOBBING® can be safely and successfully offered to our customers. This is accompanied by certificates as e.g. the TÜV report. We, as BLOB® Event & Sales GmbH, live and work daily with exclusive focus on the product and its handling. Partners as Porsche, Pro7, Ö3 or the Area47 confide in this knowledge, so that they can offer the unique BLOB® effect to their clients along the highest level of security!
  • Only our products can be marketed and advertised with the world famous name: “BLOB®“, because of the registered trademark.


Let’em fly! Your BLOB-Team.

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