• Can I buy a BLOB® in different colours and branded with my company logo?

Yes! Every colour, every design and combination of graphics is possible. For further details and inquiries about your individually styled BLOB®, please contact us directly.


• To which parameters do I have to pay attention to when BLOBBING® ?

Water depth, enough space in the „landing zone“, height of the jumping platform/tower, stability, etc. We are here to help!


• What do you call a BLOB®?

A BLOB®is on the one hand, the piece of sports equipment BLOB® – an air-filled rubber tube of 10 metres – and on the other hand, BLOB® is short for „Blob Europe“, the general agent for BLOBs® and BLOBBING® in Europe.

IMPORTANT: BLOB® is a registered trademark and it is very important to us to protect the trademark and the corresponding trademark rights. Only products and events from our product suite are allowed to be referred and advertised to by this name. Infringements to our trademark will be treated with full force of the law.


• Can I also rent a BLOB®?

Of course! BLOBs® are rentable for a day or even for longer timespans. This goes for the private sector, as well as commercial use of entrepreneurs.We are glad to provide further information.


• Are there safety requirements that have to be met?

In any case! Safety is a substantial part of our philosophy. There are official instructions, as well as quality standarts for the usage of the BLOB®. Every one of our products is TÜV-certified and therefore officially approved. Constant quality control grants a maximum of safety and quality. Negligent action and use of imitated products can lead to serious damage of property and persons!
We deal with safety and the safe use of our products on a regular basis and have been working together with the creators of Blobbing for 25 years. Every BLOB® is delivered with a safety manual and we are available to our customers for questions at any time.


• Can I also rent a BLOB®?

Of course! BLOBs® are rentable for a day or for longer timespans. This goes for the private sector, as well as commercial use of entrepreneurs. We are glad to provide further information.


• There is no BLOB-tower at my location, what can I do?

We offer different variations and are glad to help you with an individual solution, which suits your location and your budget best.


• How long is the lifespan of a BLOB®?

Depending on use, attention and care, up to 5 years.


• How long does it take to set up the BLOB®?

20-30 Minutes


• How many people are required for the setup?

1-2 People


• How are the products delivered?

The BLOB® comes not only with a protective bag, but also with special ropes, closures, repair kit and of course instructions and manual for safe use.



BLOBBING BATTLE® is the competetive format of BLOBBING®. BLOBBING BATTLE® is held as the official BLOBBING®-Championship in Austria since 2011, and in Germany since 2013. Already over 300 teams (2 jumper, 1 blobber) have participated in BLOBBING BATTLE®. The interest in BLOBBING® as a sport is increasing strongly worldwide.


• What is the World Blobbing Associaton (WBLA)?

The WBLA stands for World BLOBBING Association, which all competitions are subject to and under whose guidelines they are held. The WBLA determines the format of the competitions and decides on tournament structure and allocation of points. The goal of the WBLA is to make BLOBBING® a sustainable sport and establish it worldwide.


• What is the difference between the BLOB® and cheap products and replicas?

BLOB® has the best quality. BLOB® provides the best safety. BLOB® is the original. Do not let yourself be mislead by cheap imitations, which are not safe and dangerous.
The big success of BLOB® on lakes and baths worldwide has gotten to the attention of imitating companies. Some of these companies are inconsiderately trying to copy our products and designs and partly even misuse our trademark.
Our BLOB®-products are the only ones tested on safety and quality! It is not without reason, that we can name „Porsche“, „Hitradio Ö3“, „Area47“ and many more outdoor parks near well-known waters across Europe as our clients. BLOB® is well known from TV formats such as „Nitro Circus“, „MTV Jackass“, „Pro7“, „ORF“ and many others.
Focus of our producing philosophy is on high levels of longevity, whilst using high quality materials, which are unique in their softness, design and effect. Imitating companies use solely cheap material, which simply does not hold up against our high quality standards.


• How do I recognise an „original BLOB®“?

Our BLOB®s are made from high quality, shine-free material. Products from BLOB® appear matte in dry condition. Also, our trademark’s logo (BLOB® – Let ‚em fly!) is to be seen on every one of our products as a sign of quality, safety and know how. Cheap imitations are often made from substandard shiny materials, which bear great dangers and risks during use, like e.g. abrasions and various other injuries. (The fact that cheap replicas break very easily probably doesn’t need to be pointed out)

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